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Fleming Advertising and Design is your Tampa Bay destination for the very best in design and advertising services. We offer complete support from concept and design to production and printing of your marketing materials.
There are no set rules in marketing, but our 25 years of experience designing in the Tampa Bay market will help guide you into making the most of your advertising dollars. We listen to your needs, and work hard to provide you with the highest quality creative product with personal attention. Our goal is to provide the best product that fits your marketing budget. Our passion is your success!

Whether you are a small start up looking for a cost effective way to establish a logo and begin branding your company, or a large company tired of the high cost and slow pace typical of large ad agencies, Fleming AD will provide you with personal attention and quality work.



Logo design is crucial step in establishing the base of your marketing brand. It’s an exciting time, as concepts and ideas come to life. Work with FlemingAD and let us create an awesome logo to represent your product.

The diversity of logos and styles reflect that of the companies they represent. We take great pride in the logos we produce, and happily share samples of our work. From simple modern designs to hand illustrated artwork, we strive to display the personality of your brand in every logo we create. 


FlemingAD has created hundreds of logos for every imaginable product type. Take a look at them under the samples tab in the menu.

Identify It.

Take your message right to the target audience with traditional advertising. In a world that going more and more digital every day, print ads, direct mail, and outdoor can still play an important roll in marketing. FlemingAD will the most of your ad budget with hardworking creative that can cut through the clutter.

Crafting a message that will impact your audience takes experience. Rely on us to develop concepts, write copy and produce graphics that will give your product the professional image it deserves.

We are not a large ad agency with bloated egos and overhead. There is no chain of command, sales reps, or teams. No breakdown of communications, or long delays waiting for your job to get started. We are smaller, faster, and much more efficient. We combine the highest quality creative product with personal attention.

Advertise It.

Mark your territory, establish your brand, and own it. Creating a solid cohesive presentation to promote your message is a crucial part of successful advertising. We will help you establish a bedrock foundation to build your brand from, and work tirelessly to keep the message focused and on target.

A strong and consistent brand will serve to establish your product as trustworthy and reliable. Great branding helps multiply the impact of your marketing by increasing your presence and driving home your core message.

FlemingAD will work with you to help identify and establish your brand, locking down the key elements that will serve to direct your message and image.

Brand It.

FlemingAD specializes in restaurant marketing and menu design. We can build a beautiful and effective website to bring in customers, greet them at the table with an amazing colorful menu that will heat up their appetite, and employ efficient marketing tools to keep them coming back for more.

FlemingAD has 20+ years of experience working with restaurants, maintaining and updating their websites and menus, and creating advertising as needed. We understand the special needs of restaurants, and can be an important part of your team to build a successul operation.

Discover poly menus (if you're not already using them) and utilize their vibrant color and durability to help brand your store. They give a more cost effective and cleaner way to present your menus.

Serve It.

Get your product to market, and use FlemingAD to help make it stand out. Give us a call or send us an email and let’s get started designing your next project or campaign.

727-374-6845 •

Start It.

Fleming AD can tackle just about any design project you can dream up. We are passionate about our work, and take pride in providing the best product for your needs, no matter what form it takes.

We will listen to your needs and ideas, and provide you with a clear path, providing details of your plan from conception to production and beyond. We will work with you to maximize return and minimize risk, while producing creative that breaks through market clutter.

From annual reports to album covers, bus wraps to billboards, we will make your image shine. Our diverse client experience has allowed us to build a extensive portfolio showcasing many mediums that your message might take.

Our services also include full printing and product fulfillment. With our experience comes a knowlegde of where to go to get the best quality printing at the best possible price.

Design It.

Representing your product is a big responsibility. It requires understanding your brand, your style, your goals, and also the market. We will listen and learn, and ask plenty of questions prior to working on bring your vision to life. Then we will patiently craft your designs to perfection. Advertising is all about the details. We understand that no detail is too small and will work tirelessly to make sure you are completely satisfied with the wok.

From conception to production and beyond, we strive to protect your marketing dollars. We aim to maximize return and minimize risk while producing results and building long term relationships.

Our goal is to make our clients more successful.

Develop It.

Get your message out there for anyone anywhere in the world to see by empowering the internet. FlemingAD creates beautiful websites that will work hard to build your brand and get noticed. And since sites today are viewed on phones and tablets as much as they are on laptops or desktop computers, it is important to create a site that will work just as hard on mobile devices.


Digital media offers a low entry price that makes it an attractive and easy way to expand the reach of your marketing. E-blasts, social media and press releases are just a few of the tools available.

Let FlemingAD help establish a digital foothold for product.

Share It.

That's why you are here. Selling your product is the ultimate culmination of persuasive copy and graphics. And this call to action is just as important as establishing and maintaining your brand. It is easy to let design and creative concepts eclipse the all important call to action. FlemingAD will help keep your message on target and not loose sight of the ultimate goal of your advertising.

Whether you are selling underwater lights, or taking donations for a veterans charity, we will help you close the sale.

Sell It.

If your product needs packaging, FlemingAD is your solution. We have extensive experience developing packing for the food and beverage industry. Whether its a one-off product, or your building a full line up of products, we have the knowledge and production experience to help guide you through the design process and create products that will jump off the shelf.

Package It.

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